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Just some inspiration attached // I was discussing something with my friends earlier and we were discussing music, we though about people that just don't listen to music, I mean seriousy.. that's sad. I remember I have been through several stages in my music life. First I just didnt listen to music, a little mainstream here and there... then I started listening to a typ of music called "hardstyle" really hard techno with high pitches ( just think of a rave ) and then my Lady Gaga phase.. I went to her concert, but after a while i realized that I didn't really like LG. Now I listen to indie phycedelic pop or synths like CC ( MGMT, Toro y Moi, Neon Indian and CC).. What sort of music do YOU listen to ??


One time

Strictly copyright me. 1. Linnégatan. Near my house. 2.Horsie 3.Art @ home


Zenit or Instax ?

I really want a Zenit - E. Impossible to find in stockholm. I found a zenit 12, for 1200 kr (lol funny that it's the zenit 12 and cost 12 hundred ) considering buying it.. or a Fujifilm INSTAX. Ugly camera but wonderful polaroid results. Help me choose between 2 cameras with the same price but totally different functions.. right now Im sticking with a disposable//